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Design online where you get everything delivered to you via email.  Great for those who live in shopping challenged locations… for those looking for quick fixes that are budget friendly….for those who love to DIY but need a little style help… S1S work’s with you via the Laurel & Wolf platform to give you direction where you need it most.  Go [HERE ] to find out more!

 [Interior Design]

S1S does things a bit differently than other Design firms… We believe in creating spaces that reflect your vision and style. Bringing out the best and pulling it all together to create something unique and full of personality. It doesn’t matter if it’s a restaurant or home, the idea is still the same. We listen to your needs and read between the lines. We are expert’s at what we do and we have 15 years of experience behind us. We offer Soup to Nuts design services that include: Space Planning, Programming, Budget Development, Construction Documentation, Custom Furnishings, Custom table top and uniform design, Renderings, Color Consulting, Specifying, Purchasing, Shopping, Decorating, Styling, Merchandising, etc…

[Exterior Design]

We love making a great first impression! Whether we are refreshing your home with new paint colors or creating a back yard kitchen, your space doesn’t end at the front door.  Creating hardscapes, pool areas, gardens, gazebos ext…For commercial and restaurant spaces we design signage, plantings, outdoor dining spaces and add on spaces to name a few.


S1S prides itself in creating and procuring art for every type of project, regardless of size or budget.  Bringing art to every endeavor raises the bar and makes spaces that are just not pretty but have depth and meaning as well.  It can be as simple as framing a clients beloved collections, commissioning a portrait or creating a wall of art.  Whether we are creating the art itself or procuring it for you, we can make sure it reflects your style. See some examples of my work [HERE].


Signage, web design, identity, marketing and menu design help extend your brand outward  and upward. This is a whole new world in regards to marketing your business and we have the tools to help you create, enhance or update your brand in what ever way is needed. We create a cohesive graphic design package that pulls the whole project together from the inside out.  Making sure that from the moment a client comes through your door through what they take home and eventually pass on to others reflects your message and identity in style.


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