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Maria is an Interior Designer whose curiosity often gets the better of her and having too many interests to count she relishes sharing them with you… when she is not talking about herself in the third person she is designing restaurants, homes and creating art just outside Chicago.

She is a glass is half full person and definitely thinks she sees things differently than your average bear. She is creatively inspired by her work, her family, her travels and her pug Leo as they keep her on her toes. She is prone to collecting obsessions and has many collections to prove it. Connecting the dots and word smithing every chance she gets, she loves when one thing leads to another organically.

Her imagination seems to have a life of their own and creating unique experiences through design and imagination is always a joy. To her art and design have transformative powers and this is why she sometimes feels a little bit like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole.

Square One Studios is the place to find a designer, artist and stylist.  For a list of our Design, Artifacting and Styling options peruse our Services …S1S  prides itself on creating spaces that reflect you and your lifestyle, to find out more about how we approach design check out our Philosophy…  We love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to contact  Maria

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